Our Mission

Our mission at PeopleTek is to connect leaders, teams and organizations to the coaching, development and tools they need to be successful throughout their entire career, as we strive to increase global levels of effectiveness via one-on-one coaching, group coaching and team coaching, tailored for all leadership situations.

Our Philosophy

PeopleTek was founded on the belief that within all of us are the potential traits and characteristics required of successful leaders. Bringing these innate abilities to reality is a process, not an event. For many years leaders have shortchanged their own career growth, thinking they are fully developed after reading a book or taking a few courses. This is a mistake.

This is because developing skills to be a great leader takes commitment, time and experience. In fact, developing the skills and behaviors to be very effective as a leader is a lifelong process of learning. Effective leaders never stop striving to improve. It’s  just like going to the gym to maintain good fitness, but for leadership skills fitness. PeopleTek programs are designed to enable the potential of leaders by providing tools and techniques that will be used for a lifetime.

Our Approach

Our approach is to improve the way people relate to one another, work together, and enhance one another’s performance. Through the medium of leadership coaching, our clients receive focused attention from our professional business development specialists to achieve maximum results. We coach individuals, teams, and organizations in many areas. The PeopleTek management team includes professionally certified coaches with backgrounds from leading companies such as American Express.

Since 1996 our team of professional business development coaches has worked side by side with a diverse group of mid-sized to enterprise companies nationwide to uncover the dynamic makeup of individuals and teams. Our unique individual and team leadership development programs, called Journeys, inspire leaders of all levels to be confident and attain greater results.

We believe that the most effective way to enable a leader’s innate ability is to provide them with an interpersonal roadmap of how they “show up”, while giving them insights on what is required to be successful. We then empower individuals and teams to continually strive to grow using tools and techniques that can be used in any circumstance, company, team or project. 

This approach works because it fosters a functional understanding of diversity. Diversity in the sense of being aware not only of what a leader brings to the table but also being more keenly aware of what everyone brings. This is because the tools and techniques used provide a comprehensive view of why people behave the way they do, their working styles and preferences.

Our Leadership Journey

Our cornerstone solution for leaders is the Virtual Leadership Journey. This coach led program is energizing, engaging and highly effective for developing new, emerging and even very experienced leaders. It consists of 12 interactive group sessions, and one private coaching session, that guides and enables leaders in their development by using tried and true tools, techniques and workshops.

To assist in leader development, PeopleTek has created a powerful guide called the Leadership Journey Compass. The twelve points of this compass represent the 12 key behaviors all very effective leaders must develop. With the support of highly qualified Executive Coaches, the Leadership Journey introduces leaders to the compass which then becomes the bellwether indicator of a leaders on-going development. 

Leaders attending these sessions will come away from each session with greater self-awareness, a better understanding of their own strengths, improved overall confidence and sense of direction as a leader. This is because the program uses assessments and feedback tools that improve awareness and techniques that provide a greater understanding of the strengths they bring. During the Journey leaders will create a defined Vision, Mission, Goals and Measures statement and will use strategic planning skills to help them further attain their Vision.    

This journey program is only the beginning! PeopleTek offers a variety of custom and off-the-shelf solutions that are designed to help leaders grow throughout their entire career.  Journey programs that provide continued growth and support for leaders include Agile Leadership, Personal Wellness and Executive development. There’s even a Self-Paced Leadership Journey which is convenient for leaders on a time constraint or as a journey refresher.  

Our Clients

We’ve been developing leaders, teams, and organizations since 1996. Our clients include mid-sized to large enterprise organizations that recognize the need to develop awareness of self and others, grow confidence levels, improve the work culture, inclusiveness, accountability, and appreciation for one another which impacts  productivity and satisfaction rankings.

One of the key reasons clients continue to use our programs is that we help address issues that may be experienced by both newly promoted as well as seasoned leaders. In the case of new leaders, the skills that made them successful in their prior role (ex. technical skills, sales, project management, etc) are not necessarily the skills that will help them as a leader of people. For seasoned leaders, styles and behaviors may need a refresh. This is when our clients contact us for assistance because this is where PeopleTek excels!

PeopleTek has worked with large, medium and small companies including some of the most respected brands nationally.  Our clients span across many industries including Health Care, Banking, Information Technology, Shipping, Leisure and Education. In most cases the clients keep coming back because they see and value how our programs create self-aware, confident and productive leaders that ultimately help their people and business thrive. 

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