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Description for Our Journey to Mastering Agile Leadership

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Leadership is required to adopt and support the Agile framework; it also requires an acute awareness of the environment, and understanding the processes that foster innovation and creativity.

Journey to Mastering Agile Leadership (for leaders)

To create an effective Agile leadership coaching process, we married the values, principles and mindset of organizational agility, including those recommended by frameworks like Scrum and SAFe, with PeopleTek’s unique coaching model for a transformational journey.  Starting from developing an acute awareness of themselves and their leadership style, leaders will learn to embrace and catalyze an Agile mindset, develop the language to lead, guide, and sustain agility, apply and add an array of tools, techniques and resources to their Agile Leader’s playbook, and hone their ability to exercise an adaptive leadership style.

Journey to Mastering Team Agility (for Agile teams)

Unleash the full potential of your Agile team by leveraging and aligning each individual team members; talents, skills and interests to your organizations goals.  Accelerate your team’s maturity towards high performance, cohesiveness and resilience in concert with the various agile frameworks, such as Scrum, SAFe, etc.


Journey to Mastering Agile Leadership positions leaders to do the following:
1. Understand importance of Agile leadership
2. Build awareness of personal leadership style, paradigms and mental models
3. Develop a better understanding of people and their agility strengths and challenges
4. Explore the role of Servant Leadership
5. Discover the optimal conditions for Agile teams to flourish
6. Harnessing Constructive Conflict
7. Learn how to craft a clear vision aligned with values and to communicate for alignment
8. Explore the power of adaptive leadership to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty
9. Learn how to become catalysts for agility and change
10. Develop a personal Playbook for Agile Leadership


To accomplish these objectives, we blend Agile processes recommended by SAFe and organizational agility with PeopleTek’s unique coaching model for a transformational journey.  Starting from developing an acute awareness of themselves and their leadership style, leaders will learn to hone an adaptive leadership style, embrace an Agile mindset, and the tools, skills, and language to lead, guide, and sustain agility within the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).  It is led by a team of two coaches, a certified Agile Coach/Consultant, and a certified Leadership Coach.  Sessions are very interactive and pre-work includes entertaining and informative videos and readings.


One graduate of our pilot, a Technology Director of a Fortune 100 company, stated, “This course, in my humble opinion, was the most effective leadership courses I have taken in my career.  Well Done!”


This winning virtual process consists of eight 2-hour group coaching sessions and two one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions.  You begin with an Emotional Intelligence 360.

Introductory Call 20-30 minute call to lay the groundwork and provide the instructions for the Assessment and EQ360


1. Understanding Agile Leadership – Group Introductions; Explore organizational agility and why it’s important; look at the traits of effective agile leaders and introduce the personal Agile Leadership Playbook

1:1 Coaching Sessions – 1:1 Session with a certified leadership coach to debrief the EQ360 results.

2.  Growing Self-Awareness – Explore paradigms and mental models that shape disposition towards an Agile mindset; understand your own leadership style and relate back to emotional intelligence; introduce Disc Work of Leaders

3.  Catalyzing Change
Learn to coach people through change by recognizing the typical responses to change; learn how to become a catalyst for agility (responding to and creating change) within your organization.

4.  Communicating for Alignment
Importance of Vision; tips for Creating a Shared Vision and creating alignment; linking back to personal strengths and challenges from Work of Leaders; Channels of Communication; tools for Success

5.  Building and Nurturing Relationships
Lencioni Pyramid and Trust; building Relationships with Customers and Users; DiSC and Relationship Building; Personality Types and Agile; Catalyzing Relationship Building

6.  Harnessing Constructive Conflict
Understand natural conflict tendencies and harnessing the constructive conflict for effective agile decision-making

7.  Engendering and Promoting High Performance
Characteristics of a High Performing Team as it relates to agility teams; creating an environment that promotes high performance; Servant Leadership

1:1 Coaching Sessions
1:1 with Agile Coach to finalize Playbook and answer any questions.

8.  Connecting Learnings to Possibilities
A look back on the Journey to Mastering Agile Leadership; Presentations from the Leaders on their Vision and Action Plan for their future Agile Leadership (Note: 100% of pilot attendees said the final project was helpful.)

Virtual Leadership Journey Program Details

12 three-hour sessions

When it comes to your career having a professional career coach at your side is a key element .

1 individual coaching session (60 minutes)

When it comes to your career having a professional career coach at your side is a key element .

10-15 participants per Journey

with the chance to interact with others from different companies, learning different perspectives and experiences

Access to QwikCoach

our 24/7 online coaching and support tool

Earn continuing education

PMI re-certification credits – refer to the PMI Talent Triangle for eligibility


our 24/7 online coaching and support tool

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