What is a Certified Professional Leader Certification (CPL)?  

The CPL certification is a certificate of accomplishment that is exclusively for Leadership Journey alumni. 

The certification exam process is open book/open notes and is designed as a validation that you understand

and can apply effective leadership concepts and behaviors.

Upon successful completion of the CPL exam a certificate of accomplishment will be sent to you and a tree will be planted in your honor.  This certification then will distinguish you as a Certified Professional Leader and is something you will be able

to share with colleagues and add to your resume.

Michael Kublin and the PeopleTek Team believe this certification is a necessary demonstration of your growth as a leader and your commitment to being a continual learner.  Please watch this video from Michael Kublin for more information about this great opportunity:

 Who needs to become a Certified Professional Leader?(CPL)?  

Any Leadership Journey graduate that has not yet certified and wishes to reinforce the valuable knowledge gained from the Leadership Journey should become certified. This is for those leaders that wish to optimize on their Leadership Journey experience with a career booster CPL certification. It’s for those who then want to be able to share their accomplishments in the way of this certificate with leaders, peers and organizations.

What are outcomes of becoming a Certified Professional Leader?

The outcomes of becoming a Certified Professional Leader are:   

What are the Certified Professional Leader details?

How do you become a Certified Professional Leader?  

A good leader is someone that understands their sense of self and is able to put their strengths to use inspiring others to be their best.

What is our Leadership Certification?

If you are a graduate of the Leadership Journey I program, we offer a certificate of accomplishment. As with all programs that have certifications, there are requirements to attain them. You’ve accomplished one part which was turning in a completed v,m,g,m=b document, your IDP which included your 363 feedback and self-analysis in creating your Magic Dust and now we need to progress to the next step. This certification is a distinction you can share with colleagues or add to your resume.

If you pass our written exam (80% or better), you will become a Certified Professional Leader.

Why Get Certified?

Career Booster

In our focus group one of the things that kept coming up is that upon completion of a program, people wanted others to know that they were a graduate and that they had successfully completed the program. Since Journey Graduates are more self-aware, are better communicators, and have the ability to adapt their styles to work with many personality types, the certification allows leaders to share their accomplishments with new leaders, teams, and organizations!

Reinforces Valuable Knowledge

It is a self-check for you to make sure you are applying what you have learned. When you get out your binder and refresh your memory on the materials and discussions, it will reinforce what you learned and help you to keep your Journey learnings alive.

Leadership Authority & Exposure

Upon completion, your name, picture, and e-mail address will be displayed on our website under our Certification tab. When someone searches your name online, they will find you are a Certified Professional Leader!

How Do I Take It?

Our new certification process is another way we want to help you engaged in a continual learning mode. The best news of all is right now it is 100% free! You can become a Certified Professional Leader at no cost for a limited time. Sign up today! Please contact Charis Thomas at [email protected] to start your certification now.


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