What is a Custom Team Leadership Journey?

PeopleTek offers customized solutions of it’s flagship Leadership Journey to specifically meet the needs of a client. The Custom Team Journey begins with a confidential assessment enabling PeopleTek to identify team strengths as well as  areas of need. 

Based on our findings we provide solutions that will immediately begin to close gaps. A PeopleTek Executive Coach will share the results and recommend the best solution(s) for improving team awareness and dynamics. The solutions range from 1 to 12 sessions, each with a uniquely designed area of focus for maximizing individual and team strengths, resulting in stronger team performance and increased results.

Depending on the specific team needs, the custom solution will employ tools and techniques to improve team interactions in several areas including; communication and listening skills, greater awareness of why team members behave the way they do, tools for turning conflict into productivity, improved team member confidence, understanding the impacts of change on team productivity, techniques for identifying non-productive behaviors, tools for individual development and much more! 


Who needs a Custom Team Leadership Journey? 

Any leader in a small, mid-size or large company whose team is not performing cohesively or may be experiencing less  than optimal team performance, needs to have their team take this highly customized and focused journey.  If the team generally interacts well but falls short in key team dynamics such as communication, confidence, relationship building, self-awareness or time mastery, this journey is for them.      

This highly customized Leadership Journey program is for leaders that recognize that their team is struggling in some way and not performing to true potential.  There may any number of challenges the team is having.  They may be working in silos as individuals rather than as a cohesive group. Perhaps they have lost that creative edge or are just going through the motions and are experiencing too much unhealthy conflict. Or they may generally be functioning well in most areas but  lack communication skills or awareness of team roles or awareness of the skills each team member brings. Maybe they simply need more confidence and skills for building better relationships.  

These challenges and more will be identified with PeopleTek’s confidential assessment process and solutions will be designed to target the specific challenges your team is having. When the assigned Executive Coach performs the assessment, they will look at several aspects of the team culture. Among the many things they will examine; Have there been any team assessments previously? Are there regular team building events? Is solicitation of feedback occurring regularly? Is there a well-established avenue for team members to submit ideas for improvement?  What is the effectiveness of these programs? 

Beyond these questions, the Executive Coach will bring a wealth of business experience to create a customized solution that addresses the key issues which are stymieing team productivity, creativity and overall team satisfaction.    

What are the Custom Team Leadership Journey Outcomes?

The Custom Leadership Journey solution will consist of anywhere from 1 to 12 sessions. The outcomes depend on the team gaps being addressed and may include:  

Other tangible outcomes include:

What are the Custom Team Leadership Journey details?

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