Reede Steele

About Reede Steele

  • Reed Steele, the founder of Steele Coaching, believes that if we approach life—all aspects of life—with a more mastery-focused mindset, we’d be more productive, more engaged, better leaders, better team players, primed to achieve peak performance, and genuinely much happier and more fulfilled in life.


    Reed has nearly 15 years of experience coaching, facilitating, consulting, and guiding individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations to improve performance and well-being. Reed has worked with publicly traded educational organizations to large, nationwide engineering companies to small 4-person commercial management firms. He’s worked with private companies, public companies, and city governmental organizations. 


    Reed’s corporate experience has been in the for-profit industries of publishing and grocery distribution where he has worked with individuals and teams at all levels within organizations to improve organizational health. 


    Reed holds a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology from Florida State University, and completed all doctoral work in Sport & Exercise Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.


    If Reed is not solving a Rubik’s cube, swimming, playing the guitar, biking, running, or drawing, he’s likely off seeking adventure and fun with his wife, Julie, and their son, Ezekiel, who reminds them both on a daily basis of the wonders of childhood and curiosity and, most importantly, the incremental developmental process of peak performance that naturally happens when we allow it to. 


    Phone: 651.216.8367