Certified Professional Coach

Kristin Oppedisano

About Kristin Oppedisano

Kristin Oppedisano is a Certified Professional Leadership Coach and is the founder of Perfect for Now Coaching, LLC.  Clients who work with Kristin find the fire in their belly!  With her coaching, they feel more connected at work, an increase in their confidence, and an improved ability to drive and influence efforts across the organization.  

Kristin blends her corporate experience of nearly 20 years as a leader at American Express with her professional coach training to help clients tackle the unthinkable projects.  She has years of experience shaping inclusive team cultures, producing stronger financial results along the way.  

Kristin’s passion is finding the leader we each have within to create sustainable growth and followership.  Clients can expect to work on improving their personal brand, minimizing stress that impedes their performance, and expanding their effort and impact that they have on their organization.  

Kristin completed her training requirements with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).  She is certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and holds an MBA in Finance.

When not coaching, Kristin spends her time playing with her children and her dog, Taylor Swift.  She enjoys a tough morning workout, cooking, traveling, and gobbling up books and podcasts on leadership and personal growth topics.  She is also an active Board member of a non-profit Women’s health organization.