Custom Programs


PeopleTek coaches work with individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes and industries. The end result is increased awareness of self and others, a better sense of key organizational strategies, and improved results. Custom Program graduates averaged 76.2 hours annually in productivity savings; ROI for custom development programs was 3.6 times the amount of time undertaken in taking the course.


Build skills to heal with others and ensure they are doing what is needed most and quickly.

DiSC or Myers Briggs Workshops

Begin process for effective teams and leadership development by understanding yourself and others better.

Phases of Change

Gain an understanding of the phases of change, pinpoint which stage you (and your team) are in, identify productive and non-productive change behaviors, develop a strategy to master change, and keep energy levels high and staff motivated.

Train the Trainer

Most organizations have the desire to build upon the skills and behaviors of even their most effective leaders, and significantly increase the quality of coaching throughout the organization. This solution prepares leaders with techniques enabling them to better manage the individuals that report to them. It also ensures each leader understands development tools allowing them to explain it to others. This approach helps each leader coach their staff to improve communication, motivation, inspiration, conflict management, and to build better relationships and drive change.

Other Custom Programs include:

  • Stress Management
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Innovative Thinking, Career Journey
  • StrengthsFinder Team Workshop
  • 363 Feedback

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