When you read John C. Maxwell’s quote: Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less, did it strike any nerve with you, and did you take a second or two to consider how you influence others?

At PeopleTek, one of our slogans is that “everyone is a leader” (which is not always readily accepted), but our reasoning is that everyone has the ability to influence others, which is a key trait for leadership.

Our behaviors, how we communicate, how we manage differences, and our ability to build relationships are all part of our influencing skillset.  Do you:

        Consistently display and lead with INTEGRITY

        Identify the developmental NEEDS of your people and organization

        Reflect on FEEDBACK that is given to you, and provide meaningful
            FEEDBACK to help others grow

        LEVERAGE differing styles and preferences to obtain goals and desired

        UNDERSTAND that not everything goes as planned; don’t punish yourself
            (or others), rather learn from what went wrong and consider how it
            could be improved upon

       ENGAGE others with both similar and opposing views. What have you not
            thought about? What more can be learned?

       Invest in both NEW and tenured leaders and commit to continual learning

       Genuinely CARE about how others think and feel

        EFFECTIVE leaders build and maintain authentic, lasting, relationships

How did you score? Any area(s) you can improve upon?

As leaders, use your influencing skills to align team members to achieve goals, to have open and healthy feedback, to strengthen relationships, and to grow.


Mike and Jan

Never mistake the power of influence.
–Jim Rohn

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