. . . and we all have biases

Like it or not we all have biases and they impact our relationships, our interactions, our work culture, and our life. What’s key is understanding what they are and how to manage them.

Per NeuroLeadership:

Simply put, bias is what happens in our own brains, while feelings of inclusion or exclusion are what happens in other people’s brains.

Unconscious bias, or implicit bias, is an assumption or belief you have in favor of or against a person or a group of people. These prejudices are unintentional; they happen outside of your awareness.

Common Workplace biases include:


1.    Ability
2.    Affinity
3.    Age
4.    Appearance (weight/grooming)
5.    Authority
6.    Confirmation
7.    Conformity
8.    Gender
9.    Race/heritage/accents
10. Religion

When you look at our COMPASS you can see that all the components have the potential to be impacted by biases, and these components are critical for effective leadership and career growth.

Biases can lead to: unfair assumptions, preferential treatment (by the boss and others), discrimination, harassment and bullying, and exclusionary behavior. They can also stifle a person’s ability to leverage their “magic dust”® (their special talents). As leaders we need to recognize that everyone excels in a variety of things, and that although some colleagues may excel at certain tasks, others will be more effective in other roles and actions.

How can we improve? We can start with expanding our competencies by learning more about others that are different from ourselves, supplemented with the intent to appreciate those differences.

What biases have you observed in the workplace? Have you ever felt stifled because of biases?


Mike and Jan

Recognizing that you have a bias and blind spots is essential to personal growth.
― Mikaela Kiner

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