Change and the unknown often go hand in hand.

Change is often resisted. Why?  Comfort levels no longer exist, impacts may or may not be known, and job security is often a factor.

When communicating change, our message must be clear as to:

  • Why the change is occurring
  • The anticipated benefits
  • Who will be impacted, and how
  • The timeline for implementation
  • How results will be measured
  • Why the change supports the vision of the organization

Dr. John Kotter, Harvard professor, author, and leadership consultant, shares that as leaders we must motivate our teams by communicating our strategy and vision for all changes, and he provides an 8 Step process for implementing change:

1. Create a sense of urgency
Present an opportunity that helps the team see the need for change

2. Build a guiding coalition
Get a group of diverse, early adopters that will help communicate and guide the change

3. Form a strategic vision and initiatives
Provide a visual of what the change will look like and the direction you’re headed

4. Enlist volunteers
Continually obtain buy-in to keep the momentum and purpose moving forward

5. Enable action by removing barriers
Keep apprised of the challenges being faced and ensure strong communication and new processes are in place

6. Generate short-term wins
Reward and recognize successes as they occur

7. Sustain acceleration
Use the successes as a springboard to continually move forward

8. Institute change
Share how the changes, processes, and initiatives contribute to the organization’s overall success

It’s up to us as leaders to minimize the fear of change by communicating the value of each change, ultimately reducing resistance and obtaining success.


Mike and Jan

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
–Winston Churchill

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