It is true integrity alone would not make you a good leader,
but without integrity, you never will be.
– Zig Ziglar

Workplace Integrity: Key for Success & Teamwork

Is integrity a key value in your workplace? Are business relationships healthy and does your company address behaviors and actions that are not aligned with “working and leading” with integrity?

When integrity is truly embraced, you will find a work environment where employees are accountable, are more engaged, and where there’s a desire to help achieve organizational success. You’ll find respectful interactions regardless of differing opinions, and you’ll find transparency about owning accomplishments as well as mistakes.

As leaders it’s up to us to set the stage.  We need to demonstrate that we value integrity and that our actions are aligned with our expectations. How can we do this?

  • Model the behaviors we expect from others
  • Follow through on our commitments
  • Dispel rumors
  • Address negativity
  • Be trustworthy and build relationships of trust
  • Do not compromise our ethics
  • Encourage kindness, respect, and graciousness
  • Admit our mistakes
  • Commit to helping others succeed

Below are a few questions that help measure integrity:

1.    I always act with positive intent
2.    I do not avoid answering questions truthfully, even when the issue is difficult
3.    I treat others fairly and respectfully regardless of position/title
4.    I call others out when the work values are not supported
5.    I am not easily influenced by those more senior to me when things seem “off” and have the confidence to be true to myself

Ask your team to answer these questions and discuss what they view as team strengths and needs.


Mike and Jan

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.
–C.S. Lewis

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