Listening Is A Differentiator?

We all want to be heard; we want to not only share our thoughts and opinions, but we want the recipient(s) to actually process what we’re saying.

Based on a global survey conducted by The Workforce Institute@UKG, there is a need for improvement. Over 4,000 employees, managers, and business leaders across 11 countries were asked if they felt heard in the workplace.  The results were that 81% felt they were heard, and 19% felt they were not. Results by several countries include:

Country           Felt Heard
Canada               73%
U.K.                    77%
U.S.                    80%
India                   87%

A few more interesting findings:
  • Men reported feeling listened to 84% of the time versus 79% for women
  • Extraverts felt listened to 86% of the time compared to 79% for introverts
  • Those feeling most listened to (85%) were in the age brackets of 18-24, as well as those 65 and older (interesting age variance)
  • 40% do not feel their input is acted upon or leads to any type of change

Items of special significance to leadership:
  • 63% feel their manager or employer has ignored their voice
  • 43% are more likely to tell their manager what they want to hear
  • 34% don’t feel their manager takes their ideas or feedback seriously
  • 35% don’t feel their manager cares about them as a person
  • 39% don’t feel their manager proactively seeks out ideas or feedback

Being heard does not imply that everything one says is agreed with; it simply means that one is not being discounted and that the feedback or input provided is being acknowledged and considered.

Can we improve as leaders? Probably. We can start by building relationships, we must be aware of and remove distractions, and we must truly focus on the person.

Let every person know they’ve been heard, and when required, follow up on all suggestions and feedback.

Would your team feel that they’ve been heard?  What can you improve upon?


Mike and Jan

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. –Bryant H. McGill

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