How Do You Show Gratitude?

It’s not unusual for us to talk about the need to have a desirable work culture, the need to build and sustain relationships, and the need for rewards and recognition for a job well done.

Showing gratitude can vary greatly; from a simple “thank-you” effort, to a prime parking spot, theatre tickets, team building events, travel perks, and of course pay raises and bonuses, but Delta has done something extraordinary this year: They have paid their employees over $1 billion dollars in profit sharing. (A reported $1.4 billion to be exact).

More than 100,000 Delta employees received a one-time bonus of roughly 10% of their annual salary, and although this is certainly special, it’s the seventh time Delta has paid more than $1 billion in profit sharing. Now that’s gratitude!

Delta CEO Ed Bastian said “rewarding our people is fundamental to who we are at Delta. It’s always my No. 1 priority to take care of the Delta team“. A lot of companies make claims that their people are their #1 priority, but this action truly does show gratitude for the contributions and efforts of their dedicated workforce.

As leaders we most likely don’t have the opportunity to show gratitude to this magnitude, but we can ensure our team feels appreciated. We can show our employees that they are valued as much as our clients and shareholders, and we can make efforts to provide an enjoyable workplace.  And, when in doubt, we can always ask our team how they feel about our work culture.

How do you show your gratitude? Do your employees feel it’s sufficient?

Mike and Jan

 Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.
–Dr. Bob Nelson

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