Are You A Desired Colleague?


We’re guessing everyone wants to be part of a work culture viewed as favorable and inspiring, but we’re not sure that the necessary actions are taken to make that happen. It’s up to all of us to be that “desired colleague” so trusting business relationships are created and maintained.

Is that easy? Probably not, but implementing Travis Bradberry’s 11 Secrets of Irresistible People are a great starting point.  Excerpts include:

1. Treat EVERYONE with respect.
Irresistible people treat everyone with respect because they believe they’re no better than anyone else.

2. Follow the Platinum Rule.
Not the Golden Rule, rather it’s treating others as they want to be treated

3. Ditch the small talk.
Irresistible people create connections and find depth even in short, everyday

4. Focus on people more than anything else.
Irresistible people possess an authentic interest in those around them

5. Don’t try too hard.
Irresistible people don’t make it all about them

6. Recognize the difference between fact and opinion.
Irresistible people recognize that people may see things differently

7. Be authentic.
They know that no one likes a fake

8. Have integrity.
They avoid talking bad about other people, and they do the right thing

9. Smile.
Smiling during conversations will likely have the other person do the same

10. Make an effort to look their best.
Looking your best is a sign of respect for those you interact with

11. Find reasons to love life.
They approach problems as temporary obstacles, not inescapable fate

Take a moment to self-assess if you are the type of colleague you want to work with, and do you provide colleagues with feedback when their behaviors are missing the mark?

It’s up to us to have a work culture of desired colleagues!   


Mike and Jan

 One of the very rewarding aspects of my work has been the interaction with a superb group of colleagues and friends . . .
– Mario J Molina, Nobel Prize winner

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