A thriving work culture is all about people and relationships.

We all want our work culture to be the place where we, and our team members can learn, thrive, and actually enjoy our jobs. Why? Because when we create the right environment success is more readily attained.

There are many thoughts around what is required to have this kind of work culture and we want to share highlights of two differing perspectives.

Amy Somerville, CEO, Success Magazine states that there are four components:

1. Curiosity – Get to know your team, learn about their perspectives, passions, and personal stories. This will help with understanding key value drivers, purpose, and what causes joy or discontent.

2. Collaboration – Co-creating your vision, mission, goals (VMG) and company values is galvanizing and will help obtain buy-in and make the VMG come to life.

3. Clarity – Curiosity and collaboration help bring priorities into focus  and clarity encourages direction, trusting relationships, and inspires innovation.

4. Connection – Leaders must continuously assess their work culture by observing and addressing how connected people are to the vision and one another. Evaluate what’s working well, what is not, and determine the reasons why.

Adam Witty, founder and CEO, Advantage Media Group feels there are 5 elements that create a desired work culture:

1. Staff Your Team with A-players – This person not only possesses the required job skills but they also add a human element to the team (which admittedly is not always seen during a brief interview). Do they have a “can-do” and positive attitude, a desire to maximize their skills, and can they put the team before their own needs?

2. The Importance of Having Fun – Having fun at work creates energy and enthusiasm and helps promote the feeling of being valued, that the team members are making a difference, and that they are appreciated. The intent is to have a team of individuals who are motivated by the “why” of what they do.

3. Make Employees and Clients Your Extended Family – A family environment facilitates a team mentality especially for those who like to keep to themselves because they’re shy. Treat clients, suppliers and other business relationships with this mentality.

4. Encourage Difference Makers – Team members are driven by the “why” of what they do. The right content in the right person’s hands at the right time can change the world forever. Share stories, passion and knowledge to guide and help others learn and grow.

5. Commit to Lifelong Learning – (we know you’ve heard this numerous times before!). Encouraging all team members to establish a path of personal and professional development. With increased knowledge, experience and skills, people lead a more fulfilled life, which profits everyone in their work environment.

A simple recap is that it’s all about people and relationships. If we want our work culture to thrive, we need to invest in our team members. That’s what drives success!


Mike and Jan

The work environment is very important in determining how enjoyable work is.
It is very important to work with smart people who have a superior level of intellectual bandwidth and still have softer skills as well.
— Kumar Mangalam Birla

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