Communication is your ticket to success if you pay attention
and learn to do it effectively.
— Theo Gold

We all have our own style for communicating and last week we talked about how both our style of delivery and our choice of words matter.

Researcher/facilitator Kirk Bridgman developed a Communication Style Preference Model (CSPM) with 4 basic styles of communicators:

Demonstrators – Focus on Who

They are people oriented, fast paced, enthusiastic, outgoing, social, and possibly self-centered
Disorganized, often tardy, lose track of details, laugh easily and loudly, take initiative in conversations, sit in open position

Assertors – Focus on What

They are fast paced, direct, more task oriented than people oriented, work hard, are decisive, confident, assertive, possibly impatient, judgmental, and overly competitive
On time, efficient, strong appearance and opinions, highly discriminating

Contemplators – Focus on How

They are task-oriented thinkers, are indirect, slow paced, problem solvers, orderly, accurate, like details and may appear as rigid and close minded  
Keeps to themselves, rarely laughs, likes facts/figures/proof, dresses conservatively

Narrators – Focus on Why

They are slow paced, indirect, and are people oriented. They are also warm, friendly, cooperative, and open minded, and may be perceived as meek & easily side-tracked  
Accommodating, helpful, casual look, both talks & listens, laughs softly, shows gratitude

Generally, most of us are a combination of the four styles and vary our usage based on the situation, but we likely have a preferred style. Does one sound more like you than another? What about one that sounds least like you?

Awareness once again is key and adapting our preferences to situations will serve us well.


Mike and Jan

Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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