The best leaders are approachable and accessible.
They are truly part of the team and not merely a figurehead.
–Ramanathan M


As a leader, how do you view having an “open door” policy and how do you make it work effectively?

The “open door policy” increases the accessibility of the leader, while allowing team members the latitude to ask their leader questions, share work culture issues and challenges, and even provide feedback for achieving goals and ideas for new strategies.

It also allows relationships to be built in an informal venue:

  • You have the opportunity for increased awareness of the workplace “pulse”
  • It provides team members a feeling of inclusiveness and for being heard
  • There’s the opportunity to understand career aspirations
  • Communication mis-understandings are reduced
  • Employee morale increases and attrition decreases

When team members are onsite with you, you can literally pick a time and day when your door will be open; with so many remote and virtual workers and leaders, this makes it a bit more challenging.

You can still pick a date and time (1 hour/week?  Half day monthly?) when you block your calendar and share your availability. You can make it more regimented when scheduling time is encouraged, or you can accept direct messages, or even create an online conference with open access.

Other opportunities exist for accessibility and exposure:

Skip levels for individuals or teams
Do your team members have any relationship with your boss?
Do the direct reports of your direct reports have any type of relationship with you?

“Townhall” sessions
This is an opportunity to widely share organizational successes, challenges, and goals

The message you want to send is that you truly care about your employees and the work culture. You want to hear their thoughts, build relationships, and have them feel that they make a difference and that you are accessible and approachable.


Mike and Jan

Effective leaders make themselves accessible for their team members and business partners.

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