Conflict, when handled correctly, strengthens.
–Benjamin Watson

One of the most common issues causing difficulty in the workplace is conflict and the inability for those differences to be effectively managed.

Conflict, and simply having differing opinions is a given, issues arise when the conflict becomes unhealthy with a lack of willingness to listen to and understand opposing views.

PeopleTek utilizes the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI) Conflict Model (developed in 1974 by psychologists Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann) which provides an understanding of preferences for how individuals handle disagreements.

The 5 TKI Conflict Modes Are:

Competing – This is a power-oriented mode and is assertive and uncooperative; the individual pursues his or her own interest at the expense of the other person.  

Accommodating – This is the opposite of competing and is unassertive and cooperative.  The accommodating person neglects their own concerns to satisfy the concerns of others.

Avoiding – Avoiding is unassertive and uncooperative.  The individual does not pursue their own concern or those of another person.   

Collaborating – This is the opposite of avoiding where the individual is both assertive and cooperative and works to satisfy all of the concerns of everyone.  

Compromising – This falls between competing and accommodating and is both assertive and cooperative, a mutually acceptable solution is reached, and both parties make concessions to resolve the issue.

All modes serve a purpose; what’s critical is having the skill to appropriately utilize the most effective mode when conflicts occur.

Why is this important? Alexandra Baruffati reports that:

  • Globally, the average time employees spend weekly on resolving disagreements in the workplace is 2.1 hours
  • In the US, it rises to 2.8 hours per week
  • 85% of US employees have some level of conflict at work
  • Managers spend around 6 hours per week (roughly 15% of their time) solving work conflicts
  • 56% of employees who experienced conflict at work reported that it led them to stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • 40% reported being less motivated

How skilled are you at handling conflict in the workplace? Do you know when to intervene, when to disregard, and when to utilize the most effective conflict mode?


Mike and Jan

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction,
conflict, argument, debate.
–Margaret Heffernan

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