The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are
to where they have not been.
–Henry Kissinger
We continue to believe that regardless of position or title we are all leaders. Do you think that level or title matter, or that there is a need to have direct reports?

Retired CEO Mark Taylor provides what he views as the seven roles of a CEO, but we contend that they apply to leaders of all levels. Excerpts of his 7 roles are:

1. Architect
Determine the direction, vision, and purpose and create the best organizational structure and strategy to achieve it.

2.  Preacher
Inspire and motivate with a clear mission, purpose and vision. These are the WHY behind the business.

3. Engineer
Systems, processes, rules, and culture must be measured with the skills of an engineer. This sets the HOW.

4. Coach
This is the skill for determining WHO will be on your team and how to keep them there; for ensuring the right people are on the bus, in the right seat and heading in the right direction.

5. Investor
There is a need to know WHERE their capital will come from and understand the financial concepts such as return on investments.

6. Ambassador
Interactions with stakeholders (investors, suppliers, clients, and employees) are required to support and achieve the vision and mission of the company.

7. Student
There is a need to be a role model for learning, growth, and change. Everyone is watching what you do. Learning=growth and growth=life. The organization will grow at the pace of the leader.

How do you feel about these 7 roles? Are there any that you think do not apply to you?

Let us know!


Mike and Jan

Getting in touch with your true self must be your first priority.
–Tom Hopkins