First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Others
FLY – First Lead Yourself. We believe that to be an effective leader we must understand our style and preferences and commit to self-development before we will be able to successfully lead others.

Be honest about whether or not you possess (and utilize) critical leadership behaviors. Do you understand your strengths and work to minimize your gaps? Do you know what others need from you?

Begin with a self-assessment for the following 5 elements:

  1. Clarity
  2. Communication
  3. Coaching
  4. Courage
  5. Commitment

What’s your level of Clarity?
Do you have an absence of ambiguity in formulating where it is you’re going and your plan for getting there?

How well do you Communicate?
Is your message clear and consistently understood? Do you share your vision, mission, goals, and measures, and ensure tasks, assignments, projects, etc are linked to them?
What about your listening skills?
Do you Coach others?
How are your coaching skills? Do you build relationships and understand individual career goals and objectives? Can you provide meaningful and well-intended feedback? When things don’t go as planned do you think in terms of what COULD be done differently going forward?
(This applies to you and others).

Would you say you’re a Courageous leader?
Do you stick to your vision regardless of external influences? Do you face your fears? Listen to your inner voice? Link your behaviors to what it is you’re trying to accomplish?

Are you Committed?
Are you a continual learner? Do you hold yourself and others accountable? Do you do something each day that takes you closer to reaching your goals? No matter how hard it gets or who criticizes you, do you stay on track for what’s important to you? Are you passionate about achieving your goals?

Once you have the desire and skills to lead yourself, you’ll be better positioned to effectively lead others. FLY high!

Mike and Jan

In order to be knowledgeable in these changing times, we must pursue a constant program of self-improvement, a never-ending journey into new fields of knowledge and learning.
— Og Mandino