It takes humility to seek feedback. It takes wisdom to understand it,
analyze it and appropriately act on it.
–Stephen Covey

Most of us experienced an abundance of change in 2020 in both our personal lives and in our work environment. During this time how readily did we adapt and help others adapt? Do we have a strong sense of any changes in our leadership style and behaviors? What about how communication and relationships were impacted?

We may not be aware of any changes in ourselves, but this could be a great time to solicit formal 360 feedback from others and obtain their thoughts.

Wiley’s Everything DiSC 363® feedback tool is one of our assessments of choice. It focuses on 8 Competencies:

1. Pioneering – Finding Opportunities, Stretching The Boundaries, Promoting Bold Action

2. Energizing – Showing Enthusiasm, Building Professional Networks, Rallying People To Achieve Goals

3. Affirming – Being Approachable, Acknowledging Contributions, Creating A Positive Environment

4. Inclusive – Staying Open To Input, Showing Diplomacy, Facilitating Dialogue

5. Humble – Maintaining Composure, Showing Modesty, Being Fair Minded

6. Deliberate – Communicating With Clarity, Promoting Disciplined Analysis, Providing A Sense Of Stability

7. Resolute – Setting High Expectations, Speaking Up About Problems, Improving Methods

8. Commanding – Showing Confidence, Taking Charge, Focusing On Results

Obtaining anonymous and confidential feedback from your boss, direct reports, colleagues/peers, vendors, and strategic partners will provide you with invaluable information. And, the process includes a self-evaluation so you are provided with a comparison of your perceptions from those of others, with the results debriefed by an executive coach.

How could you benefit from hearing what others have to say?

Positive feedback makes the strong grow stronger and the weak grow weaker.
—Carl Shapiro