Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example.
–Donald McGannon

Leadership means different things to different people. Today we’d like to feature and share the thoughts of a few of our Certified Professional Leaders. (The opportunity to obtain this certification is exclusively for Leadership Journey Alumni that have completed PeopleTek’s 12 session leadership program and passed an exam validating their understanding of the concepts and skills required for effective leadership).

Excerpts from What’s A Good Leader:

A good leader is someone who demonstrates passion, integrity, conviction and compassion in their everyday life. Good leaders take self-care seriously and encourage development of their people. They coach and mentor others and listen more than they speak. They are impactful by how they empower and support the success of others.
—J. Hartman

Leadership has nothing to do with titles but is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Leaders will be those who empower others, influence others, who has followers. It’s taking people where they’ve never gone before and wouldn’t go by themselves.
—S. Gupta

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. A good leader takes time to reflect, to get feedback, to identify areas to work on, to constantly grow and improve. Leaders must first know themselves in order to effectively lead others.
—T. Infante

A good leader is self-aware and understands the strengths and development needs of the individuals of the team, recognizing we each come to the table with different approaches and preferences that each have value in a given situation.
—A. Koldys

Good leaders don’t leave people behind. They don’t charge forward without others. They mobilize others and continually inspire them to strive toward the destination.
—S. Nair

Someone who is approachable, consistent, persistent, disarming, and who can actively listen; assertively communicate decisively; can tap into and utilize diversity (in styles) wisely and strategically, acknowledges others’ strengths, gifts/”magic dust,” and, can effectively engage, and provide clear guidance.
—M. Pargman

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. A good leader not only sets high standards, but also develops, encourages, and enables their team to reach their full potential.
—A. Rodriguez

A leader is someone who is constantly learning and crafting their skills to be the next best version of themselves . . . a leader is an inspiration to those around them.
—G. Resnick

How would you define good leadership? Which of the quotes above resonate most with you?

True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.
—Tom Peters