We don’t need new ways to fail… the old ones are working just fine! Our task, in business and in life, is to observe what they are, and never go back to doing them again.—Dr. Henry Cloud

We all make mistakes; hopefully we learn from them and take measures to not repeat them.

Dr. Henry Cloud, psychologist, leadership consultant, and author, shares the following about what successful leaders learn from, and commit to not repeating.

Successful people never again . . .
1. Return to what hasn’t worked.
Never go back to the same thing, expecting different results, without something being different.
2. Do anything that requires them to be someone they are not.
Be authentic and ask: Why am I doing this? Am I suited for it? Does it fit me? Is it sustainable?
3. Try to change another person.
You cannot force someone into doing something they choose not to do; allow them to experience possible consequences if necessary.
4. Believe they can please everyone.
It’s impossible to please everyone, live purposefully, and try to please the right people.
5. Choose short-term comfort over long-term benefit.
Accept that painful steps may be required to obtain long-term benefits.
6. Trust someone or something that appears flawless.
Pursue people who are great at what they do: colleagues, employees, friends, etc
7. Take their eyes off the big picture.
Look for the big picture; no one event is ever the whole story.
8. Neglect to do due diligence.
Take a deeper, honest look to understand what is truly needed.
9. Fail to ask why they are where they find themselves.
Ask yourself: What part am I playing in this situation?
10. Forget that their inner life determines their outer success.
We are happy and fulfilled mostly by who we are on the inside.

High achievers recognize the patterns impacting success and take strides to never repeat them. Would you say you do a good job of not repeating behaviors that impede desired results?

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.—Colin Powell