A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road,  just the starting point for the next leap forward.
–Harvey Mackay

2017 was a great year for PeopleTek and we look forward to what 2018 brings!

We’re thankful for the relationships that we have with you, and will continue to share leadership tips and increase the number of leadership solutions available for individuals and organizations.

Many of you are familiar with our banner Leadership Journey and custom programs, but there’s more that you may not be aware of.

A new addition to our Journey offerings is the Journey To Mastering Agile Leadership. The focus is for leaders to become acutely aware of their environment, adopt and support the Agile framework, and obtain an understanding of the processes that foster innovation and creativity.

Journey alumni are now eligible to take an exam and become CPL1 certified (Certified Professional Leader).

Many teams and companies leverage our surveys to obtain perceptions and increase their awareness regarding strengths and growth areas identified by their team members. When is the last time you solicited input from your team/organization?

Our 363 plus program remains strong – (it includes feedback/tips/techniques/coaching debrief session).

We have a new online, self-paced class utilizing Everything DiSC Workplace.

We are certified not only for the Everything DiSC tools, but also for 5 Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team.

Our strategic partnership with E-coach has grown even stronger with Leadership Journey and 5 Behaviors content on their new website, along with hundreds of tips, techniques and videos geared towards strengthening leadership skills and behaviors.

And, we’ve expanded our focus for culture transformation/preservation and mergers and acquisitions.

We’re experiencing exciting times and hope you are as well. Please take a moment and reflect on your accomplishments, and click here to access some of our favorite (and simple) leadership challenges.

All the best to you in 2018!