A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained. — Shawn Hitchcock

How do you define the role of mentor? We define it as “someone who imparts wisdom and shares knowledge with a less experienced person”.

Mentors share their experiences (both negative and positive/what went well and what did not, and WHY), and they help pave the way for their mentee to attain desired goals and career aspirations.

Part of the mentor’s role is to provide:

Meaningful, consistent, and timely feedback

Explore strengths and developmental needs (technical and interpersonal)

Networks that help grow business relationships (and opportunities)

Trust and integrity must exist for all interactions

Ongoing communication

Realistic expectations

Mentoring may be formal or informal, but the expectations and roles should be defined and agreed to at the inception of the relationship.

What’s the purpose of the mentorship?
What type of expertise/guidance is the mentee seeking?
In general, mentors/mentees do not have a reporting relationship allowing for candid discussions.

As a leader, are you open to assisting others with achieving their career aspirations? Are you willing to share your wisdom and experiences with others to help them grow?  If yes, you have MENTOR POWER!


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