Do you struggle with the interactions you have with your boss, peers, or direct reports? Do you find that some just flow and are extremely productive where as others seem stagnant and have minimal benefit/results?

Everyone is on overload so we need to ensure our interactions and meetings are meaningful. We’re all pretty good about having an agenda and talking points, but as leaders we also need to set the right environment.

E-Coach, one of our strategic partners, believes that it’s up to us as leaders to create the right environment in order to achieve desired results. They have identified the 3 most important elements as:

  • Trust– the general belief that members can rely on each other. Two kinds of trust are important: task-related trust and interpersonal trust.
  • Cohesiveness– the attachment members feel toward each other, the group, and the task. In other words, the bonds that hold the group together.
  • Supportiveness– the tendency for members to encourage each other, care about each other, and treat each other with respect.

A few other suggestions include:

  • Strive to understand other people’s point of view
  • React openly, honestly, and freely
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and directly
  • Treat every participant as an equally valued contributor

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How would you rate your interactions and environment?

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