We’re All Leaders

In Mike Kublin’s speech “You Don’t Need Direct Reports to Be a Leader” he introduces the idea that leadership is not exclusive to bosses or those with a leadership title. Instead, we are all leaders.

Kublin also reveals that there are 12 components for achieving success as a leader. These will be discussed in later in this video series. But in short, people will learn how to take their leadership to the next level; this series is all about personal leadership. Everything must link with the organization’s as well as the individual’s vision, mission, measures, and strategies.

To Be a Leader We Need One Thing: Passion

Being passionate affects how you show up and people watch how you show up. Kublin notes IT professionals as an example of this point. None of the ideas of innovation or creativity can be implemented without these people, and therefore, how they should up on a day to day basis is critical.
image of the Johari Window

The Johari Window

Using an icebreaker (which can be applied in any workplace) where people share information about themselves to a partner, Kublin illustrates how the “people factor” is so important. By engaging, learning about, and connecting with others, we build relationships and trust, in turn bringing balance and strength to our team.

The Johari window is closely related to this concept. It contains within it four parts: information known to self and not known to self, and information known to others and not known to others.

The intersection of these four areas is important because has to do with how you show up and how others show up.

Information that is known to others and known to self is what is called our “open self.” Great leaders need to open up to some degree about who they are and get others to do the same. Great teams increase the open self.

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