Being accountable and holding others accountable is not a new topic in the workplace, or at home for that matter, and is often a struggle for leaders.

What can we do to improve accountability?

  • Be specific and clearly identify what was committed to with timeframes
  • Obtain buy-in
  • Promptly communicate any changes impacting the commitment; escalate as needed
  • Seek clarity if a task or assignment is vague
  • Make sure our actions (and those of others) support what was committed to
  • Address all behaviors and actions that are contrary to being accountable

A culture of accountability makes a good organization great and a great organization unstoppable.
—Henry J. Evans

Henry J. Evans, author of Winning With Accountability, says:

  • Accountability is about high performance and not fear or stress.
  • It’s about holding yourself (and others) to a standard that improves performance.
  • When holding someone accountable we must recognize and respect the power of intention (this allows all staff to hold one another accountable regardless of title or level)
  • Continually ask “How am I doing”?
  • Set crystal clear expectations
  • When things don’t go as planned, ask yourself:
    • Where did I fail to clearly communicate?
    • Who did I forget to include in the process?
    • What solution can I provide?
    • What can I do to obtain more information to make a sound decision?
    • What could have I done better or differently to improve the results?

And the most important of all: How can I help?

Incorporate the word “HOW” in your daily activities. It sets the tone to achieve desired results, and it’s positive and goal oriented. “WHAT” is also helpful for obtaining clarity.

“HOW” and “WHAT” are magical words that engage possibilities!

As a leader, how are you improving accountability in your organization?

(Excerpts from The “How” Effect by Marla Skibbins, MCC, CPCC and QBQ! by John. G. Miller)

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