Behavior is what a man DOES, not what he thinks, feels, or believes.
–Emily Dickinson

The behaviors we exhibit can either add to or diminish our value and the degrees of success we achieve. All of our behaviors must support our vision and our goals. They have huge impacts as to how others perceive us (authenticity), and they impact our ability to build and maintain levels of trust.

In honor of President’s Day, we’re sharing a C-Span Presidential Leadership Survey which reports the top 10 leadership characteristics.

Top 10 Presidential Leadership Characteristics

  1. Public Persuasion
  2. Crisis Leadership
  3. Economic Management
  4. Moral Authority
  5. International Relations
  6. Administrative Skills
  7. Relations with Congress
  8. Vision/Setting An Agenda
  9. Pursued Equal Justice For All
  10. Performance Within Context of Times

Regardless of your profession or position, these characteristics provide value and can serve you well.

To make them more meaningful in the context of general leadership skills, we’re taking liberty with the characteristics and renaming them.

Our List of Top Leadership Skills

  • Influence
  • Conflict management
  • Budget and finance
  • Integrity
  • Relationship building
  • Results oriented
  • Clearly defined and communicated vision/missions/goals
  • The ability to drive results, meet deadlines, and motivate and inspire others

Do you view these as critical leadership skills? Are there any you don’t feel are crucial for success?

There has also been a wide range of inconsistent presidential characteristics as well: inventive, intellectual, serious, humorous, reserved, outgoing, kingly, unassuming, great communicator.

Not all leaders possess the same skills and traits–we’re all unique! We must recognize our gifts, develop and hone our growth areas, and leverage them to become an even stronger leader.

Here’s a U.S. presidential fun fact:

  • 7 of the last 14 presidents were left-handed or ambidextrous. Given that roughly 10% of our population is “lefties,” does that tell us anything?

Some scientists say left-handed people “have a wider scope of thinking.” Others say left-handed people are more adaptable and resilient as they must compete in a world designed for righties.

Are you a leftie? What do you think?

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