Like all skills, leadership must be continually honed. As we’ve stated before, what got you to where you are today will not allow you to continue to thrive and be impactful “tomorrow.”

Think in terms of the bottom line. Much is required of leaders.

Strong leaders:

  • Lead through and drive change
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve timeliness
  • Deliver with 100% quality
  • Have strong relationships
  • Know they can’t do “it” alone

10 Must Have Traits For Successful Leaders

Authors Dan Roberts and Brian Watson identified the following common traits found in successful leaders:

  1. Leaders take risks and are not afraid to pitch big ideas
  2. Leaders have the confidence to step up and resolve issues
  3. Leaders value people and understand the value their people bring to their organization
  4. Leaders make tough decisions
  5. Leaders are results-oriented and measure progress
  6. Leaders are innovators and strategists; they anticipate the future and lead through change to move their business forward (instead of becoming obsolete)
  7. Leaders are transformational, have a vision, and motivate their teams
  8. Leaders are self-aware; they learn from past successes as well as failures
  9. Leaders network and leverage their professional networks to share experiences for continued learning

And we’ll add another:

10. Leaders Are Authentic

This includes being trusted, displaying high levels of integrity, and following through on commitments. Matter of fact, we’ll venture to say if you are authentic, success is much more like to become a reality!

Would others consider you to be authentic?

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Did You Know?

Graduates of PeopleTek’s Leadership Journey Earn:

  • IT Professionals: 19 priSM CPD credits
  • Human Resource SPHR/PHR/GPHR: 19 HR (General) credit hours
  • Project Managers: PMI – up to 37 hours / 3 PSM level points
  • Executive Coaches: 18 ICF CCE’s (Core Competencies) & 5 ICF CCE’s (Resource Development)

Additionally, the Journey is approved for PMI re-certification credits.