We regularly talk about effective leadership behaviors, but have not discussed how/if the use (and success) of these behaviors is impacted by gender.

Women make up more than 50% of the workforce, hold a little over 51% of management and professional positions, yet women in leadership positions remains fairly “stuck” around the 15% mark. And, worldwide, females hold only 3% to 4% of the level of CEO.

Women “Take Care,” Men “Take Charge”
–Jeanine L. Prime and Nancy M. Carter

Contrary to this quote, studies show that there are fewer differences/more similarities between women and men leaders, so why is gender an issue? We only wish we had the answers!

Behaviors Attributed to Successful Leaders

Read them and then get an image of how they may be exhibited by leaders of both genders.

  • Competitive
  • Attitude/demeanor
  • Looks
  • Words/colorful language
  • Caring
  • Presence
  • Authoritative
  • Assertive
  • An advocate for others

How different were your images? Do other descriptors come to mind for women leaders?

  • Steam roller?
  • Egotistical?
  • Bombshell?
  • Threatening?
  • Wimpy?
  • Witchy?
  • Pushy?
  • Bossy?
  • Plays favorites?

An entirely different topic is “equal pay between genders.” This week on a morning talk show, Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, said he was an advocate of women in politics, has hired many to fill positions in Texas, yet he admitted voting against a bill for equal pay for men and women. (He did not clarify his position.)

We would like to hear from you. What do you think impacts the image of a successful male leader? For a successful female leader?

And to stir up the pot, would you prefer to work for a man, or for a woman? Why?

We look forward to your thoughts!

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