Managing Change is this week’s topic in our COMPASS series. Do you agree that change is both a challenge and an opportunity? That it’s a source of stress and excitement? That change is an ongoing process rather than a single event?

People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing. A leader’s job is to help people have vision of their potential.
–John Porter

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The rate of change continues at a rapid pace with the familiar becoming blurred. As an individual how are you adapting? What about as a leader? What do you need to know about the change before you can support and communicate it? What’s your comfort level with sharing it? Do you need to obtain input from others? Are you in the position to openly share the change, and are you willing to do so?


In a recent survey we conducted, only 11% of the responders felt they managed change effectively.

Given the times, we need to expect that change will continue to occur at a rapid pace, and we should anticipate and prepare for discomfort and uncertainty. Change impacts us differently; while some may be energized and flourish, others may become almost immobilized.

Change is continual and communication is key. As leaders we need to communicate more than ever; it’s critical we provide information and impacts, and it’s equally important that we listen and sense how others are feeling.

Replacing uncertainty and ambiguity with clarity will create a climate of trust and reduce levels of anxiety. Make it a priority to understand and clearly communicate all changes and associated impacts!

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The most important thing any organization can do to accomplish change successfully is to make sure that people at every level – especially managers and leaders – know and use an effective change process and sound change management activities that help people to understand how to support and/or create sustainable change.

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Help change inspire creativity and be motivating rather than debilitating!