To be successful in life, and in your career, you need to:

  • Identify all the barriers that may derail you from achieving your goals
  • Understand HOW and WHAT it will take to live and achieve your vision
  • Address the obstacles that are preventing you from being the leader you want to be

Leadership includes the urgency to identify and remove barriers impacting growth and results.

PeopleTek’s Journey II program will help you conquer barriers and manage  obstacles.

Journey II will enable you to:

  • Set clear expectations for yourself and others
  • Effectively manage your time, priorities, and set boundaries
  • Understand and reduce stress levels
  • Positively influence others
  • Move yourself and others through change
  • Build trust in yourself, in individuals, and in teams
  • Align your self-talk with your desired outcomes

Recent graduates told us: 

Journey II helped me learn more about myself….my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for development.  It also forced me to take the time to think about these things and actually put an action plan in place.

I am doing better at the delegation and as I develop more trust, will be able to delegate more. Also, I’m focusing on communicating more directly and proactively in meetings and with others.

Journey II helped me to identify specific opportunities to improve my leadership abilities as well as identify what I need to do to move through the phases of change. These have been incorporated into my development plan.

Be competitive – become the leader you want to be!