Does this sound like a familiar problem?

I’m having difficulty dealing with a person:

  • who just won’t listen
  • they dominate meetings
  • they refuse to give others a chance to talk
  • they reject any recommendation other than those they propose


Q. Have you spoken to them in a healthy, honoring, respectful manner?
A. No. I am not sure how to approach them so they won’t be offended (or ignore me!). I am waiting for their boss to deal with them.

If you can relate to these situations, or know someone that may be experiencing a similar issue, PeopleTek’s Leadership Journey program will help.

Not only will it provide you with a map that can be used throughout your career, it will also change your business and personal life forever.



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“This training guided me through a series of self discoveries that hold the secret of improving my effective leadership behavior, techniques and processes. I learned tools that can connect them to the work I am doing today.”
–Lakshmi N Mahate, Engagement Manager, Syntel Inc