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Monika Navandar

About Monika Navandar

Monika Navandar has 16+ years of multi-industry HR experience in both emerging and developed markets. She has led many leadership roles in India, USA, Singapore, Italy, Dubai, and South Africa, supporting the global C-suite leaders.

Monika is the Founder of NeoSeven Solutions and has a dynamic partner team of senior leaders worldwide.

She is a Thought Leader in the Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Management and Cultural Competence areas. She has been on the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council for 3+ years.

Monika speaks at various regional and international forums. In 2018, she did the opening keynote at SHRM Annual Business Conference in USA. Her articles and cover stories have been published in magazines in India, USA, and Netherlands.

Formerly, she has worked with Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, Merck Pharma, HSBC, and IBM. Monika holds a Masters in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University, USA and a Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering from MIT, India.

She is passionate about networking and mentoring, is an avid traveller, and speaks 5 languages.