Trained Coach and Consultant

Miguel A. Rodríguez

About Michael Rodriguez

Miguel A. Rodríguez started his professional career in his native Venezuela with IBM, while in the last year of the Computer Science program at Universidad Central de Venezuela. He continued his career in the US with IBM, American Express, Eastern Airlines, SystemOne (Amadeus), EDS, American Express (again!) and PayCargo.

Along the way, Miguel’s focus changed from the technical arena to leadership roles, and for the last 35+ years held positions from DBA Supervisor to Chief Information Officer.

Currently he owns his own company, MianJa Solutions, has been trained as a Life and Professional Coach, and is a consultant and advisor to PeopleTek. He is passionate about using his skills and experiences to help others become more effective leaders in the business world, and use his own experiences to provide support and guidance on cultural transitions.

He is multilingual (English/Spanish-full fluency, Portuguese-basic, Italian-basic), is married, proud father of four daughters, and grandfather to four little ones. Miguel currently lives at the piedmont of the Blue Ridge mountains in Northern Georgia, and enjoys reading, photography, traveling, and cooking (and eating!).

Expertise: Organizational Transformation, Executive Development, and Transcultural Transitions.

He is multi-lingual (English/Spanish-full fluency, Portuguese-basic, Italian-basic), is married, and the proud father of four daughters, and one grandson. Miguel currently lives on a mountain in central Tennessee, and enjoys reading, gardening, hunting, cooking (and eating!).

Note: Miguel publishes a blog on trans-cultural issues related to leadership development; it deals with barriers and obstacles between cultures and how to conquer them. It also addresses issues which surface during the professional assimilation of Latin American executives into the US Business culture and vice versa.

Expertise: Growth Management & IT Strategy Expert