Professional Coach

Marilyn Brown

About Marilyn Brown

Marilyn Brown is a seasoned leader whose personal goal is to utilize her knowledge and experience to help others become a better version of themselves. She specializes in Leadership Development and Personal Effectiveness. Her passion is in working with aspiring leaders or people who are in career transition and helping them to move forward. Marilyn strongly believes that each of us are responsible for our own Leadership Development and Career Pathing, but she also recognizes that people need support, direction and a road map to get there. She has a very successful track record of developing, mentoring, coaching and promoting leaders over the course of her career. Marilyn’s career spanned 26 years at American Express. She joined as an entry level Customer Care Professional. Within 5 years she was promoted to Director Level. In spite of her success, she never forgets how challenging it was to climb that corporate ladder!

Marilyn comes from a family of 12 and has been married for 36 years. Her two grown sons have blessed her with 5 widely amusing grandchildren. She graduated from Barry University with a BS in Professional Studies.

We asked Marilyn about herself:

How long have you been coaching? What was the catalyst for you becoming a coach?

Throughout my 26-year career at American Express, I always felt that coaching and developing the next group of “leaders” was one of the most critical parts of my job. My coaching extended beyond the people who reported to me, I coached and mentored people from across the organization. I’ve always loved finding that unique strength in a person and then helping them to leverage that strength to grow in their career. Therefore, it was a very easy and an expected shift when I became a certified coach through Coach U in 2011 and joined the PeopleTek Coaching team.

What is your favorite leadership quote?

You can’t get ahead in life if you don’t stick your neck out”, so says the Turtle!

Some qualities I value in a leader are: 

  • Invest in their people to help them to be successful. (coaching, training, on-going feedback) 
  • Enthusiastic about the work and have the unique ability to inspire their people to get excited about the work they perform
  • Have a knack for helping people to understand how they “fit into” the bigger picture or broader VISION and why each individual role was important to the larger organizatio