Certified Professional Coach

Marilyn Brown

About Marilyn Brown

I am a seasoned leader with 35+ years of experience helping to drive culture change across organizations while enhancing individual accountability resulting in positive and sustainable business relationships.

As a certified coach, my VISION is to use my personal experience, knowledge, and training to help others become a better version of themselves. I excel in working with in-tact teams to drive organizational change. I have the ability to quickly access the organizational culture, identify where teams are getting “stuck” and provide them with the tools, tips, and techniques to be more collaborative in driving and achieving the organizational goals.  I have expertise in helping others be more enthusiastic about the work they do and I help others to understand how they “fit into” the bigger picture or broader VISION and why each individual role was important to the larger organization.


I have worked with Peopletek since 2011 and currently hold the position of Vice President of Client Relations. I have experience coaching across a broad range of Industries including Financial Services, Banking, Marine, Health Care, and Technology companies.

My career prior to PeopleTek was with American Express where I worked in a variety of Director Level leadership positions ranging from Customer Service, Employee Relations, and New Product Development. I always felt that coaching and developing others was one of the most critical parts of my job. My coaching extended beyond the people who reported to me. I have always loved finding that unique strength in a person and then helping them to leverage that strength to grow in their career. Growing up as the middle child in a family of 12, helped me to adapt and accept others where they are at a very young age.


Graduate of Barry University with a BS in Professional Studies.

I have an Associate of Arts degree in Retail Business Management from Suffolk Community College, Selden NY, Coaching Certification from “Coach U” in Tampa, Florida