Leadership Journey

What is Journey to your 360 Feedback?

360 Plus is a great new way to solicit feedback from others and develop a deeper and more complete understanding of you–your strengths as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. It’s the perfect way to support your commitment to continual learning and self-development, whether you’re an emerging high-potential leader or an experienced executive.

360+ Features

The DiSC 363 Assessment

The DiSC 363 Assessment is a world-class leadership development instrument that provides deep insights into the 8 approaches associated with highly effective leaders, plus a complete written assessment.

Private One-On-One Coaching Session

This coaching session is conducted by an expert workplace performance coach from PeopleTek Coaching. During this session, your coach will provide you with new insights that will inspire you to reach new levels of success.

One Year License to QwikCoach

QwikCoach is an online support tool that provides 24/7 coaching support. You’ll have access to hundreds of tips, techniques, practice ideas, and thought-provoking coaching materials to optimize your ability to deliver outstanding results.

A Section in QwikCoach Dedicated to DiSC 363

Coaching advice and practice ideas are provided, and available for usage 24 hours/day. In addition you will receive the 8 approaches to effective leadership. 24 practice areas are provided (underlying components) as are videos that support effective leadership.