Be alive; be capable of vital functions.

How often do you reflect on your leadership style and your ability to inspire and influence others? Are you “capable of vital functions” as defined by

Amy Somerville, a professional development executive and seasoned leader (and current CEO of Success Enterprises) shares what LIVE means to her:

LIVE = Lead, Inspire, provide Value, and Empathize

Lead – When leading, or being effectively led, a vision will be realized along with a sense of satisfaction

Inspire – When inspiring others, or being inspired, there’s a feeling of wholeness

Value – There’s a sense of fulfillment when one feels valued

Empathy – Provides a sense of purpose to both the giver and receiver

She keeps this acronym posted in her office (and has for years) and uses it to help maintain her focus. Ms. Somerville regularly assesses whether she is adhering to what the acronym stands for, and if she goes off course, she makes the time to adjust to whatever challenge she may be facing.

Regarding the acronym, it’s fair to say that “Leading” is a given when in a leadership role, but how do you view the need to Inspire, provide Value, and Empathize as described by Ms. Somerville?

She also shares that leaders must:

  • Help those they are leading achieve more than themself
  • Care about the aspirations of all team members
  • Provide team members with everything they need to be successful
  • Commit to developing others
  • Promote their people
  • Be authentic

Do you find the LIVE acronym helpful, and do you agree with these leadership “musts”? Are there any you disagree with or perhaps have a desire to further develop? Let us know.
Mike and Jan

Every time you influence other people to do a better job, you increase your value; Don’t be afraid to share best practices.

—Amy Sommerville


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