Transition plans outline the processes for incoming and outgoing leaders alike.

Do you have plans in place for when you receive a promotion, or if you become the leader of emerging leaders?

Specifically, how does the transition occur? Who is actively involved? What’s the process? What’s the timing of events?

If you’re a newly promoted leader, it’s essential to know:
  • Your new roles/responsibilities
  • Your individual goals
  • The goals of the department
  • How goals are tracked
  • How individuals (and the team) are measured
  • Team strengths and needs
  • Are there any existing challenges to be addressed
  • Do you need to “up” or acquire any new skills
  • Would a mentor be beneficial
  • Are you the decision maker for your budget? If not, who is?
  • And, ask your team members for their perspective about:
          Team strengths
          Opportunities for growth or process changes
          What they appreciate most in a leader
          Where the team requires the most over-sight        

Note: Asking these questions provides you with an opportunity for one-on-one time and will help you build relationships.  It also lets the team know you’re willing to listen, and that you care about what they think.

If you’re the leader of an emerging leader, provide:
  • Role expectations
  • Individual and team goals
  • Known challenges ex. Goals, vendors, internal or external customers
  • Reward and measurement processes
  • Budget responsibilities

We also suggest conducting weekly update meetings; keep them brief but be available to assist with the transition, and jointly create a development plan.  

Leadership is about “taking others where they’ve never gone before and would not go on their own” – having transition plans in place are invaluable!

Are you prepared?

Mike and Jan

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, you are a leader.
—John Quincy Adams


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