Make The Time To Break The Ice.

How often (if ever) do you incorporate ice breakers into your meetings? Last week we talked about the Johari Window and the desire to expand our open pane. Ice breakers are a great way to do that in a non-threatening and fun way. The benefits include:

  • Increase awareness levels   
  • Build relationships
  • Strengthen team dynamics
  • Up energy levels
  • Personalize the work culture

The list above all lend themselves to creating an environment of trust, which we know is the foundation for successful teams. Ice-breakers don’t need to be long to be effective. You can find hundreds of ideas online but here are a few we like:

Two Truths and a Lie
Group members take turns sharing 3 things about themselves. Two of the facts are true and one is a lie. Everyone else must vote on which they think is false.

Most Unique Travel Experience
Each person shares what they view as their most unique travel destination, or a memorable travel experience.

Family Size
Each person shares how many siblings they grew up with and how that number impacted them.

Rest, Relax, Re-energize Time
Each person shares if they prefer mountains, lakes/oceans, hot or cold temperatures, and why.

Taking the time to personalize your work culture will build camaraderie, open lines of communication, and of course expand our “open pane”.  

Let us know about your ice-breakers!
Mike and Jan

An ice-breaker serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between people,
or start a conversation.
–Oxford Dictionary

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