Measuring Integrity requires courage and the desire to truly understand
how your actions and behaviors impact others.

Assessing and Cultivating Integrity in Leadership: A Self-Reflection and Team Evaluation Guide

How do feel you “measure up” in regards to leading with integrity? Would your colleagues and direct reports agree that you say what you mean? That you model the behaviors that support your company values? That you can be trusted, are consistent, and are truly dedicated to helping team members succeed, and organizational goals achieved?

We’ve worked with companies and leadership teams where integrity was their lowest survey score when their leadership style was evaluated. Why? The raters felt that their leaders did not exhibit the behaviors that were expected of them, and that the actions, processes, and communication (or lack of) did not support the company values and beliefs.

Below are some questions that can be used to measure integrity. We suggest you answer the questions first, and then if inclined, you can ask your team to share their perceptions.

1.    I always act with positive intent


2.    I do not avoid answering questions truthfully, even when the issue is tough ex. layoffs


3.    I own up to my mistakes and take steps to not repeat them


4.    I am willing to say what I’m thinking, even when I’m in the minority


5.    I treat others fairly and respectfully regardless of position/title


6.    I lead by example


7.    I always fulfill my promises/commitments


8.    I’m respectful of others’ time and am always punctual


9.    I call others out when the work values are not supported


10. I don’t make excuses for poor behaviors or actions displayed by myself or others


11. I address disruptive behaviors and conflict quickly and respectfully


12. I am not easily influenced by those more senior to me when things seem “off” and have the confidence to be true to myself


13. I encourage collaboration for the attainment of results


14. I make an effort to build a work culture that encompasses trust


15. I give credit when and where credit is due

How did you feel answering these questions? Did any give you cause to pause? It takes courage to self-assess, and even more courage to admit there are development opportunities.   

Commit to supporting a work culture where integrity becomes the norm, and challenge others to do the same!


Mike and Jan


The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.
Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.
—Dwight D. Eisenhower


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