Effective Leadership Includes The Ability To Be Resilient

Leading with Resilience: Eight Guiding Principles for Challenging Times

Effective leadership includes having the skills and ability to be resilient. Let’s start by defining resiliency. One found in the Oxford Dictionary is “the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

Any question as to why this is an important skill for leaders to possess? Dealing with employee retention, hiring the right person for the right job, addressing issues in the workplace, managing stress, meeting goals and deadlines, keeping abreast of changes in the market; the list goes on and on.

Glenn Sanford, CEO SUCCESS Enterprises shares eight guiding principles for leading through challenging times. (excerpts from SUCCESS – September/October 2022).

1. Play to Win – Set a clear vision and mission with defined goals for your team to rally around together. (We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this before!)

2. Be Continually Learning – The best practices that worked a couple of years ago are probably irrelevant today . . . find new and innovative ways to succeed.

3. Break What Isn’t Broken – A comfortable business is one that will get left behind. Encourage your team to challenge, question, and scrutinize everything.

4. Don’t Under-Estimate Your Competition – Keeping your competitive advantage means iterating your product or service before the market requires it.

5. Know When You Have An Advantage and Double Down – Identify what makes your company unique and capitalize on it.

6. Balance Operating Expenses With Growth – Keep your costs low and your focus sharp.

7. Be Agile To Adapt – Leaders should create room for key team members to move in and innovate (and stay out of the way!).

8. Embrace Chaos To Drive Change – Get comfortable with chaos; it’s a byproduct of fast growing organizations.

As leaders there’s a need recognize and address difficulties that our team or organization are facing. We need to have the skill and energy to cope with the “chaos” and help our teams work through and bounce back from disruptions and challenges.


Mike and Jan


Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.
― Steve Maraboli