5 Pillars For Success by Natasha Graziano
Let’s assume that we all want to succeed. If that’s true (and yes, we know what assume means to some!), we need to have clear aspirations and define what success means to us.  As leaders, this also applies to our teams and organizations. Think in terms of “where are we now” and “where do we want to be”?

Also assess your mindset. Are you focused? Are you self-aware? Do you truly know what you want to achieve?

Natasha Graziano, Mindset Coach and Motivational Speaker provides 5 Pillars to assist with creating success both personally and professionally:

     1. Get clarity on your vision
You’ve heard us time and again share the need to have documented vision, mission, and goal statements, and that all of our behaviors must support achieving them. Graziano adds that “Most people mess up at this first hurdle because they don’t actually know what they want”. Having a clear and written vision will help with clarity for taking the necessary actions required to move forward.

    2. Remove the blockages
What barriers are getting in your way of success? Do you have “Gremlins” that limit your beliefs or that are immobilizing you?  Graziano shares “Once we realize we are standing in our own way of the thing we want, we can begin to move forward“.

    3. Replace old beliefs with new beliefs
We all have baggage and have had experiences that negatively impacted our mindset. What have you learned from them? What beliefs and thoughts can be replaced with some that will better serve you? The idea is that we learn from the negativity we’ve experienced, let them go, and now focus on our desires with positive energy that will help us achieve our vision.

    4. Expand your vision
Don’t think of what’s happened in the past; think outside of the box; don’t limit yourself; step out of your comfort zone. What is it you truly want?  Graziano adds “start dreaming bigger“.

    5. Take inspired action
Graziano says “When the doing and the thinking are aligned, you’re able to achieve massive success”. It takes that first step, it takes commitment, and it takes action.

How’s your mindset?  Are you determined? Are you self-aware and focused on what it is you want? Are you willing to take that first step?

Wishing you success!
Mike and Jan

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.
–Steve Maraboli