Does quality always matter more than quantity?
It’s not uncommon to work at a frantic pace with the work environment setting unrealistic expectations for needed deliverables. This may impact us (and our team), resulting in lower quality work, morale issues, intense work relationships, and high stress levels.

This does not mean that long hours and critical deadlines won’t be experienced, but as skilled leaders we must monitor work-loads for intensity and pace (for both exceptional performers as well as under achievers).

TIPS include:
  • Set priorities and identify 3 to 5 things that must be accomplished.  Studies show that only about 50% of a worker’s time is spent on goal specific activities. The rest of the time gets diverted to other tasks that are not mission critical.
  • Have clear goals, tasks and objectives and standards with measurable objectives. Set stretch goals and checkpoints and encourage feedback.
  • Establish best practices; debrief deliverables for what went well and what to be aware of, have documented processes and procedures.
  • Have a clear business case for the resources you will require (staff, funding, materials, and support).
  • Make sure you (or your project manager) possess the skills required to delegate, empower, and inspire the team, communicate, plan, and set clear priorities.  If not, invest in developing the missing skills.
  • Be prepared to take risks.  Thinking outside of the box and tough negotiations may be necessary to attain what is required.  This may also include making mistakes and failing to deliver what is expected.  Again, debrief what went well and what did not.

As leaders, we need to understand how we, and our teams, react to stress.  Some are energized by it, others debilitated by it.  Watch how team members interact, ask how they are doing, and don’t disregard the need to balance life outside of work.

We need to truly understand when quality work is being impacted by the quantity of work that must be done.  Are you able to help others find the appropriate balance?


Mike and Jan

We need to provide value to our organization and one way is to ensure we deliver quality results.