Company Principles and Values, along with Vision, Mission, and Goals, are essential for driving and supporting organizational success.
Does your place of work operate within a set of principles that clearly guide team members? Do they define how employees are to be treated, how employees will optimally interact with one another, and how the needs of clients, internal/external customers, and shareholders are best serviced?

It all starts with the employees. We’ve talked about satisfaction levels, attrition, general work engagement, and shared that employees leave “their boss, not their job”. The quality of leadership makes individuals and companies thrive while reducing turnover.

In Success Magazine, May/June 2022, Editor Tristan Ahumada shares 6 Leadership
Principles of quality leadership he feels are necessary for leaders of all levels. Excerpts include:

  • Innovation: Great leaders look for opportunities that will be impactful
  • Systems:  Great leaders understand the need for systems and processes and their ability for reuse
  • People First:  People must be truly valued and treated well in order to achieve success
  • Awareness:  Leaders understand the impact they have on others and the repercussions their actions and words will have
  • Resilience:  Leaders must have grit and determination to deal with tough times and failures
  • Kindness:  This is sometimes forgotten; great leaders are empathetic and compassionate, build relationships and unite people

As a leader, what principles do you support and promote within your organization? Are there any that Mr. Ahumada provided that you could incorporate? Any that you disagree with?

For leadership values and principles, remember: I SPARK.


Mike and Jan

If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.
–Howard Schultz