Building and maintaining professional networks enhances inspiration and career growth.

Are you part of a professional network? If yes, you likely have a wide circle of business and social contacts that share with you new ideas and growth opportunities, and are what we call your “board of directors”.

QwikCoach from E-Coach Associates shares that “network connections provide critical information, insights, and support that help you or those in your network to learn, grow, and achieve new levels of success and accomplishment”.

To get started QwikCoach suggests to “Take Stock” of your current situation by:
  • Listing all of the people in your current network
  • Classify the people on your list (ex. innovators, thought leaders, subject matter experts, coaches or mentors, etc)
  • Determine if there are any areas you need to add or strengthen

Next, Develop A Plan
  • What is your overall approach for building and sustaining your network?
  • Ideally you’ll be the recipient of great advice, but also be a “provider” for sharing knowledge and advice
  • What do you need to be both a recipient and provider? Utilize social media, attend or speak at conferences, attend industry events, become a mentor or acquire one, etc

Then, Execute Your Plan
  • What’s working well?
  • Have you successfully connected with those you want in your network?
  • What more can be done to achieve the results you’re working towards?
  • Keep track of progress and obstacles

Lastly, Maintain, Refine, and Build Your Network
Ask yourself:
  • Is your network helping you become and stay energized?
  • Are you learning more about yourself and the industry you work in?
  • How are you helping others achieve their goal?
  • Do you need to change your approach, goals, or develop a different mindset?

It’s also beneficial to maintain relationships with past co-workers/customers/bosses, and utilize your “board of directors” so you are positioned to obtain impactful feedback along with growth and career opportunities.

Happy networking!


Mike and Jan

Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence.
–Lewis Howes