Clarity is the pathway to solid results.
–Victor Lipman

We frequently talk about the need for clarity. We need to excel at clearly communicating our message, ensure others have a strong handle on desired results, know what’s expected of them, and share accomplishments as well as challenges. Would you say you do this well?

If you were hesitant in answering that, you’re not alone. More and more is expected of leaders of all levels despite not always being clear on what’s expected of us. We’re still in recovery mode from Covid-19, and most of us experienced change and challenges with daily operations, maintaining relationships, and keeping our staff and colleagues engaged.

  • How has your role changed in the past 2 years?
  • What about the roles of your team/colleagues?
  • Have talent needs changed?
  • Can you adequately assess individual and team strengths and gaps?
  • Are there obstacles impacting effectively supporting goals?
  • What about with changes for daily operations?
  • How have your team or organizational vision, mission and goals changed?
  • Assuming they have, have the changes been well received or even accepted?
  • Is there a need to rethink how you connect with clients?
  • What about how your team is evaluated?
  • Former “best practices” may no longer apply; what needs changing?
  • How are you doing as a leader? Has your relationship with your boss changed in any way?

This list of common challenges is not inclusive by any means. The point is that whatever challenges we, and our team are facing, need to be addressed before pain points escalate.

We think the times of change (and stress) will continue, which makes it even more critical to have clearly established roles, clearly defined expectations, and the commitment to face and lead through the challenges with transparency.

Wishing you success!

Clarity of expectations is perhaps the most basic of employee needs
and is vital to performance.
–Galllop’s State of the American Manager Report