Your workplace is its own unique culture. It is a community made up of people with many different backgrounds, perspectives, work styles and expectations. Each generation is valuable to your team for different reasons just as their values often differ from each other… or do they?
–Balance Concierge

When we ask “Are workers different today”, we’re not addressing changes made due to covid, but rather changes in the work culture and the transition from the Baby Boomer population to the Centennials.

If your workplace consists of a blend of multi generations, do you believe there are noticeable differences in styles and behaviors? 5 generations have been identified with the approximate associated years below. (Note: different studies show differing ranges)

  • Silent Generation – born during the Great Depression and WWII (1925-1945)
  • Baby Boomers                        (1946-1964)
  • Generation X                          (1965-1980)
  • Millennials or Generation Y   (1981-1996)
  • Centennials or Generation Z  (1997 – )

The intent is not to label people, but rather share the perceptions of what each generation is known for.

The Silent Generation was considered hard working, optimistic, accountable, financially savvy, and optimistic about the future.

Baby Boomers are considered to have strong workplace and family ideals and traditions, are relatively active, have adapted to changes in technology, and generally do not change places of employment.

Gen X folks are thought to live in the present, like to experiment, desire immediate results, may question authority, and have embraced the internet. They also like teamwork and strive for harmony and trust in the workplace.

Gen Y / Millenials are considered a global generation with connections around the world with shared values.  They are self-confident and committed, are tech savvy, and are not afraid to change jobs.

Gen Z / Centennials are the youngest in the labor market. They prefer the digital world and remote work, are considered innovative and pragmatic, and may be hard to retain as employees.

Do you think workers today are different? Has your leadership style evolved over the years? Knowing the strengths and preferences of those you lead, regardless of the generation, will help your workplace thrive and grow.

Every age group contains people who are different, people who are
extroverts, introverts, over achievers and underachievers.—Allessia Musso

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