Concerning mistakes, follow three simple rules.
Firstly, correct a mistake that you made whenever it is possible. Secondly, don’t repeat the same mistakes. Thirdly, learn from past mistakes.
― Eraldo Banovac

We make mistakes, we experience failure, and hopefully we learn from both. It’s learning from them (and not repeating them) that increases our ability to succeed.

Dr. Henry Cloud, clinical psychologist and author shares what successful people do not do:

1. Return to what hasn’t worked.

2. Do anything that requires you to be someone you are not.

3. Try to change another person.

4. Believe you can please everyone.

5. Choose short-term comfort over long-term benefit.

6. Trust someone or something that appears flawless. (Everyone has imperfections!)

7. Take your eyes off the big picture.

8. Neglect to do due diligence.

9. Fail to ask why we are where we are.

10. Forget that our inner life determines our outer success.

And he sums it up nicely:
We don’t need new ways to fail….the old ones are working just fine! Our task, in business and in life, is to observe what they are, and never go back to doing them again.

How successful are you at not repeating past mistakes?

Analyze and correct your past mistakes before they paralyze your future.
― Israelmore Ayivor

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